Pool  Waterfalls

Main Benefits

Outside of the obvious ambiance, there are a number of benefits of having a waterfall feature in your pool.

Water Circulation

Waterfalls help keep water moving throughout your pool, which helps keep your water clean. Working in tandem with your pool pump, the additional airflow and circulation helps evenly distribute chemicals throughout your pool and move water through your filtration system.

Temperature Regulation

If you live in an especially hot climate, waterfalls are almost a necessity in your pool. The constant moving water introduces more oxygen which helps cool down the average water temperature in your pool, helping you stay relaxed in the baking hot sun.

Sound Blocking

The calming rush of water flowing through your waterfall acts as a natural noise barrier to other sounds around you. Whether your neighbors are too loud on the weekends, you live near a busy street, or you simply want some privacy from potential eavesdroppers, a waterfall can help drown out the noise and create a very calming environment.


Waterfalls are simply beautiful structures when built appropriately. The variety in design concepts, materials you can use, and where you place the waterfall in your pool structure are nearly endless. A good waterfall can help your pool stand out among everyone else.

Information: https://poolresearch.com

pool waterfalls
pool waterfalls
pool waterfalls

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